Recurring Event Activities

Meet The Author with Book-signing: Forgotten Industry and Institutions of Maine by Arend Thibodeau, at The Framemakers

The Framemakers 46 Main Street, Waterville, ME

Join The Framemakers for First Friday to kick off our Maine Craft Weekend!

Forgotten Industry and Institutions of Maine is a new title by Arend Thibodeau which uncovers Maine’s forgotten past by exploring remnants and artifacts left behind.

Maine has its share of industry, some current and some obsolete. Over the last century, many industrial practices have grown and flourished while others have vanished entirely. Likewise, state institutions have seen vast changes in their structures and methods of operation.

Changes to our industry and institutions have left behind artifacts of a bygone era. Many of these artifacts are demolished, replaced, or vanish further into obscurity. This book offers a visual tour of our forgotten past and practices in hopes of preserving history to prevent it from vanishing entirely. Readers will explore an abandoned jail built in 1873 (in which its first prisoner was convicted of killing two people with an axe), visit The North Maine Woods in search of ghost trains abandoned in the wilderness close to a century ago, and much more.

Forgotten Industry and Institutions of Maine contains images, interesting facts, personal anecdotes, and the stories that make these places unique and give them their distinctive character.

Arend Thibodeau resides in Harmony, Maine with his wife, and has been a professional photographer since 1996. His photography has won awards in galleries as far away as Athens, Greece and he has been published in multiple genres ranging from wildlife to portraiture.

In pursuit of his passion for writing, Arend returned to academia and attended the University of Maine in Orono where he earned dual degrees in art and English literature. While attending the university, Arend was published with his poetry, non-fiction, and academic writing. He graduated summa cum laude in 2021 with membership in multiple honor societies including Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society.

When not working in the field, or writing, Arend enjoys teaching photography and playing bass in a local rock band.

Recurring Event Demonstrations

Mixed Media + Textile Art with Deborah Pipes

The Framemakers 46 Main Street, Waterville, ME

Meet the Artist + Demo
Saturday, October 7th, 2023 • 11am-2pm
Free Admission

Deborah Pipes will be available for viewing and questions on how to incorporate Mixed Media & Textile Art into a final product. This includes the displaying of her finished works, displaying her works in process, and displaying her reading material to educate on the subject for all who are curious of her artistry. If your looking to combined many forms of media as well as explore the un-conventual
side of the artworld, stop on by!